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Fourest & Co., LLC is a full-service home remodeling company that is committed to quality. At Fourest & Co, we focus on kitchen and bathroom remodels but will take on any challenge and ensure your next project is a success. We work with each client on their specific project, talking through the details of the scope of work, layout a realistic schedule, then execute the project through completion. Our thoroughness and detail is what makes us stand apart. We spend the time upfront planning out your project to keep it on schedule and budget. Our job is to make the project seem simple and easy. We absolutely love what we do and that is transforming your house into a home.



Kendall NeSmith
Owner/Project Coordinator
Kendall is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He has spent most of his life remodeling homes and in the remodeling business helping others. He grew up working with his dad on their own homes as well as working for a master carpenter maintaining rental properties. Kendall put remodeling on hold in 2006 to attend Texas A&M University to major in Civil Engineering where he received both his undergraduate and masters degrees. He then worked for a national civil firm designing complex water/wastewater infrastructure projects all over Texas. Kendall was the project manager for some of San Antonio Water Systems’ largest design projects totaling nearly $300 million in construction cost. He brings his experience managing design teams, subconsultants, and contractors into the home remodeling business. 

Kimbo NeSmith

Kimbo grew up on the softball fields playing for some of the best teams in Texas expanding her pitching zone by continuing collegiately playing in New Mexico. She traded in her glove for heels and an office chair where she coordinated corporate events. After she and Kendall had two daughters,

22-months apart, a career change was in order to spend more time with the family and raising their girls so Kimbo left the corporate world to work at the daycare where their daughters went. Once she found out she was pregnant a third time but with an extra surprise of having twins, Kimbo became a stay-at-home mom. She has loved every minute of it but is ready to take on job that is a little easier and has a little less stress. So now she is bringing her organization and management skills to Fourest & Co. where she will manage scheduling and Kendall

Fourest & Co., LLC was formed when Kendall and Kimbo decided to turn a side hustle into a full-time adventure. Kendall, a licensed professional engineer, left the corporate world where he was managing multi-million-dollar infrastructure projects in and around San Antonio. Kimbo, a corporate event planner turned stay-at-home mom, traded in the dirty diapers to help manage the books and project scheduling. The name Fourest (Four Rest) developed from the love of their four daughters and a hope that one day, the girls will take over the business and mom and dad will get some “rest”.  Kendall grew up remodeling homes and once he and Kimbo tied the knot (literally the week after) they bought their first fixer upper. This is where it all began. They loved the transformation and the process so they did it over and over again. The remodeling turned to helping others on the side. Kendall would spend nights and weekends working on other people’s homes while Kimbo took care of the family. Throughout the 10 years of doing this, they always dreamed about owning their own business and transforming people’s houses into their homes. 


Now that dream is a reality. Kendall brings his professional credentials, remodeling experience, and project management experience to each client’s project. Kimbo brings her vision, ability to manage and organize anything, and her motherly touch to the table. The two are a perfect combination to deliver quality projects. Kendall meticulously thinks through the details and schedule to ensure nothing is missed and the project is delivered on time. Kimbo treats each project as if their four kiddos were living there to make sure the projects meet each client’s expectations. 


Their faith in Jesus and desire to provide an exciting future for their daughters is what they are leaning on to build a lasting company. They love people and home remodels and are so excited for the future.

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